Looking for a modern way to engage with your customers?

Lighthouse gives companies a platform for engaging with their users in the digital world.

  • Seamless Go-Live
  • Repeat Engagement
  • Real Life Rewards
  • Meaningful Data & Insights
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Lighthouse Takes on your Brand’s Look & Feel

We designed our platform to become yours.

The team uses simple and easy-to-use methods to gather all of your content and turn it into the gamified rewards solution you didn’t know you had. Total lead time from our first conversation to your own version can be as short as two weeks.

Shown here is our version created for Student Village

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Web Based

Lighthouse is fully web deployed so that your users don’t have to worry about downloads and high data consumption.


Brand impressions and ROI coupled with a rich user journey full of engaging content and tailored rewards

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Tracked, Measured & Proven

Thank you all for a really amazing campaign, you should all be proud! This competition exceeded my expectations and none of this would have been possible without all of you. It was my pleasure working with such a great team who has been very patient and accommodating and I have no doubt that we will work together again.

Elizabeth: Social Media & Content Manager / Makro

Working with Lighthouse has been a wonderful journey to date. From day one we’ve felt more than just a client and have developed a strong partnership in such a short space of time. They’re a team that is on the ball, proactive and really has our best interests at heart.

Jono Dicks: Head of Business Development / Student Village

About Us

How Lighthouse came to exist

Following the first round of development, the platform saw traction both locally and internationally, which allowed us to create a number of our client ‘Instances’ of the solution from the beginning of 2021. We can’t wait to make you a part of our journey!

Lighthouse was built by Sea Monster, a company with more than 10 years of experience creating solutions that leverage emerging technologies. The platform was borne of a need to serve Sea Monster’s existing Clients in the engagement and rewards industry. We are proud to say that the platform has allowed us to deliver for our partners and clients at scale while not compromising on the quality of the experience for the end user.

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9 Caxton St, Zonnebloem,
Cape Town, South Africa
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What is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a gamified rewards platform, which can be customised on a per-use basis. The platform allows a brand to tailor the offering and add content to allow for bespoke ‘user journeys’ deployed in a fraction of the time.

Where do I get the App from?

The app will be deployed on a URL on our network with a prefix of the Client’s choosing. This is then accessed through the browser, requiring no downloads and an app-like experience for your users without the data overheads of a traditional app.

Why do I have to enter my cell phone number ?

We use a cellphone number to identify users to lower the barrier for entry as much as possible. In certain instances, we do also offer the ability to log in using Google and Facebook and are always looking to expand into new ways of authenticating our users.

Why won’t the app work on my phone?

We strive to ensure that the app works on as many phone and browser combinations as possible. If you are having any issues, please reach out to our support team at support@light-house.online with some details relating to the issue you are experiencing and we will assist as soon as possible.