Lighthouse gives companies a platform for engaging with their users in the digital world.

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What is Lighthouse?
Lighthouse is a gamified rewards platform, which can be customised on a per-use basis. The platform allows a brand to tailor the offering and add content to allow for bespoke 'user journeys' deployed in a fraction of the time.
Where do I get the App from?
The app will be deployed on a URL on our network with a prefix of the Client's choosing. This is then accessed through the browser, requiring no downloads and an app-like experience for your users without the data overheads of a traditional app.
Why do I have to enter my cell phone number ?
We use a cellphone number to identify users to lower the barrier for entry as much as possible. In certain instances, we do also offer the ability to log in using Google and Facebook and are always looking to expand into new ways of authenticating our users.
Why won’t the app work on my phone?
We strive to ensure that the app works on as many phone and browser combinations as possible. If you are having any issues, please reach out to our support team at support@light-house.online with some details relating to the issue you are experiencing and we will assist as soon as possible.